Our Rates & Services

Rather than work to a clock, we prefer to work on a project by project basis and every artist knows that’s better for the music.

A solid guide to have a song tracked, produced and mixed at Noise Machines is $2000.

That includes a producer, an engineer and full access to our entire facility. This usually takes 1 full day of tracking, 1 half day of overdubs plus mixing.

We aim to get mixes back to you within a week of the final tracking day and aim to turn revisions around in 48 hours.

If you already have a track recorded and would like us to mix it, please share the rough mix and we’ll happily get back to you.

While we’re not a dry hire space, below we’ve included a rough guide on our very fair cost structure:

Studio A – (Live Room + Control Room)

This is the big room with the fully loaded API 2448 and Pro Tools Carbons running on zero latency via dante.

Studio A Half Day – $300

Studio A Full Day – $550

Engineer Half Day – $300

Engineer Full Day – $500

Studio B – (Single Room)

This is the smaller room and better suited to production and mixing. Studio B runs 32 channels of AD/DA via UA Apollo.

Studio B Half Day – $200

Studio B Full Day – $400

Engineer Half Day – $300

Engineer Full Day – $500

Wanna chat about your project?

We hope that our space and collective experience can help fill the gap with your next project. We’d love to hear from you and chat about what you’d like to achieve on your next recording and how we can help bring that to life. You can call Radi on 0405 709 131 if you’d like to book a walk through.